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Risk Management Guidebook for Hurricane Preparedness


For a complete Hurricane Preparedness guide Click Here!

Quick Points


A Hurricane watch indicates that hurricane conditions are a real possibility, usually expected with 24-36 hours. Listen for additional advisories, and be prepared to take action.

A Hurricane warning issued within 24hours before hurricane conditions are expected.

Outside the home

Check roof-mounted equipment (Satellites) to insure it is securely connected to the building's  structural steel.

To help prevent water leakage or roof collapse, check roof drains to ensure that they are clear and able to drain off heavy rains. Have repairs made to any portion of the roof covering that appears loose, bubbled, or otherwise weakened.

Cover window and door openings with storm shutters or substantial protective panels. (If any fire exits are covered, the building must be evacuated first)

Inside the home

Duplicate important records/papers and move them to a secure location. Back up computers and secure in hurricane safe location.

Move important belongings from flood-susceptible floors, and away from windows, doors or walls that are not of substantial construction.

Disconnect power to non-essential equipment susceptible to power surges, or where water leakage or flooding may cause equipment damage or electrocution.

Stock up on Nonperishable food, drinking water, first aid supplies, two-way radios, flashlights and batteries, boots, gloves, dry clothing.

You may also want to consider stocking up on Portable pumps, emergency lighting, sandbags, mops and squeegees and shovels.

2018 Pool Information


While school is in session the Celebration Pool is closed Monday- Thursday

Friday & Saturday, 10-7PM; Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-8:00PM

Funhouse Open 11:00am-7:00pm Every Day During Pool Season

*On Swim Meet Days Celebration Pool Will Close At 3:00 p.m.*

While school is in session the Festival Pool Summer Hours are 3:00 pm- 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-9:00PM

**On Memorial & Labor Day, both pools close at 7:00 pm. **


Pool Rules:

-No children taller than the gate are permitted in the baby pool. All children in the baby pool must be supervised.

-The pool must be cleared for 30 minutes if there is thunder. Everyone must evacuate the pool deck.

-The pool will close if the lifeguard cannot see the bottom of the pool.

-Pool closure due to weather will be determined by an on-site personnel in accordance with Douglas Aquatics.


Lost & Found

-All items found at the pool will be held for 2 weeks. After two weeks, those items are subject to donation at the discretion of Hampton Park Management.

-All pool toys left behind will be placed in a bin for use at the pool.


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