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2011 Hampton Park Budget Information

Original Copies of both the 2011 Budget Letter and 2011 Budget can be found under "Hampton Park Financial Information" located under the "Governance" tab.


Dear Hampton Park Homeowners:


Enclosed for your review is the approved 2011 budget for Hampton Park Community Association.  Please note that homeowner assessments will be $205.00 per home per quarter next year.  You should receive a payment coupon booklet in early December.  If you have not received it by the end of December, please call Community Group at 270-1800.

The approved budget does not contain an increase for 2011. The Board of Directors continues to work hard to keep the promise made in 2008 to keep assessments at $205.00 per quarter while still maintaining services provided at the same or higher levels.  


The amount of Assessments, $205.00 per home per quarter, is based on total expenses minus all other sources of income.

Late Charges of $25.00 are assessed when a monthly payment is not received by the 30th of the month in which it is due.

Interest Income is earned on invested funds.  The Association invests most of its assets in money market funds or certificates of deposit (CDs) to earn a reasonable rate of return while maintaining liquidity.

Other Income comes primarily from Festival clubhouse rentals, fees assessed to homeowners for rules violations, assessments charged to Sterling Glen Apartments for use of our common areas (excluding pools), and fees to neighboring communities for a set number of pool passes.

Administrative Expenses

The Accounting/Audit line items cover the cost of Community Group’s accounting work (including processing assessment payments; coordinating collection of delinquent accounts; reconciling bank accounts; making payments to contractors; preparing bimonthly financial statements; and preparation of a budget and reserve analysis).  Also included in this line item are the preparation of tax returns and an annual audit by the accounting firm of Adams, Jenkins & Cheatham.

Collection Fees are charged for sending delinquency notices to homeowners and for turning accounts over to the Association’s attorney for collections.

Corporate Fees are paid annually to the State Corporation Commission and the Common Interest Community Board as required by law.

The Association carries a $1,000,000 property/liability Insurance policy as well as a $1,000,000 Directors’ & Officers’ policy and a $500,000 fidelity bond.  In 2011, the Association will also purchase a $2M umbrella policy.

Legal/Professional expenses consist primarily of attorneys’ fees. 

Management and On-Site Management fees are paid to Community Group for off-site management and on-site salaries.

The Association incurs Postage and Printing costs for correspondence and meeting notices. 

The Association has budgeted $4,000.00 for Uncollectible Accounts that have to be written off due to bankruptcy or foreclosure.  For 2010 we will be charging off approximately $3,000.

Printing and Other Administrative, include expenses for the Annual Meeting and certified mailings.

Contracted Expenses

The Brickman Group will continue to provide Grounds Maintenance services to Hampton Park in 2011.  Under their contract, The Brickman Group will mow, edge, aerate, overseed and fertilize the turf in the common areas.  In addition, they will apply lime, pull weeds, apply mulch to common area mulch beds, apply herbicides, and prune shrubs.  This budgeted figure was decreased by approximately 11% as the YMCA takes over maintenance of common areas along its property on Hampton Park Drive.

Pool Contracts:  Douglas Aquatics will continue to provide the maintenance contract for the pools in 2011.

The Association’s Management contract with Community Group includes inspections of the community, attendance at Board meetings and the Annual Meeting, responding to homeowner requests, correspondence, obtaining bids, overseeing the work of contractors, and providing counsel to the Board of Directors.

Maintenance Expenses

General Building Repairs are performed as needed to improve exterior building surfaces in common areas. 

The Grounds Improvements line item includes the replace­ment of shrubs and mulch and repairs/improvements to the ponds.

Snow Removal (plowing of Festival and Celebration parking areas) is done as needed.

Tree Removal continues throughout the community to remove dead trees in common areas.

Community Relations

Program Costs were increased by 33% in an effort to support more community events sponsored by the Men’s Club, Women’s Club, Skip Rock Café, etc.


A 20-year Reserve Analysis for the community was done by Miller Dodson & Associates in 2006 and updated in 2007.  The main details are as follows:

For 2011, a Capital Improvement Fund line item was created to pay for capital improvements/enhancements to the community.  This may include a new t-ball field, Celebration deck gazebo, and Festival House acoustics, to name a few.

The reserve analysis calls for allocations to Celebration Pool and Festival Pool replacements.

The Asphalt Parking/Walkways Reserve provides for seal coating every four years and overlaying the parking areas every twenty years.  The Board believes there currently is enough funding available under the Asphalt Parking/Walkways Reserve, so the 2011 dollars slated for this line item have been moved to Celebration Pool reserves to help replenish those depleted reserves.  Extensive repairs were made to Celebration Pool in 2010.

Funding for the Lighting Reserves provides for replacement of lighting in all the common areas. 

Celebration Park, Festival Park and Common Area Reserves are intended to cover the cost of replacements to facilities, decks, etc. when necessary.

The Entrance Feature Reserve is intended to pay for renovations and replacement of the bell tower and surrounding area. 

Finally, Interest income is allocated to reserves to help offset the effects of inflation.


The Board members believe that the 2011 budget will help maintain and enhance the Hampton Park community and continue to make your neighborhood a great place to live.  If you have questions concerning the budget, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Board of Directors.


Carolyn M. Grimes, CMCA

Community Manager

2018 Pool Information


While school is in session the Celebration Pool is closed Monday- Thursday

Friday & Saturday, 10-7PM; Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-8:00PM

Funhouse Open 11:00am-7:00pm Every Day During Pool Season

*On Swim Meet Days Celebration Pool Will Close At 3:00 p.m.*

While school is in session the Festival Pool Summer Hours are 3:00 pm- 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-9:00PM

**On Memorial & Labor Day, both pools close at 7:00 pm. **


Pool Rules:

-No children taller than the gate are permitted in the baby pool. All children in the baby pool must be supervised.

-The pool must be cleared for 30 minutes if there is thunder. Everyone must evacuate the pool deck.

-The pool will close if the lifeguard cannot see the bottom of the pool.

-Pool closure due to weather will be determined by an on-site personnel in accordance with Douglas Aquatics.


Lost & Found

-All items found at the pool will be held for 2 weeks. After two weeks, those items are subject to donation at the discretion of Hampton Park Management.

-All pool toys left behind will be placed in a bin for use at the pool.


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